Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I think since I know Summer is coming to an end, I'm really jonesing for one last carefree weekend where I can lounge by a pool all day long. The ACE hotel in Palm Springs is literally the perfect place for this. Located in California's Mohave Desert and just south of Palm Springs downtown area, it's the ideal getaway spot if you're looking to relax for couple days. It has a retro vibe and the desert landscape is the perfect background. They converted an old Denny's restaurant into a cool diner called King's Highway, but it's not your average greasy diner food, they use fresh ingredients that they get locally. It's right next to the hotel so they also offer room service too. My favorite part? Every Monday they have BINGO. And it's not boring old lady BINGO. It's hosted by flamboyant Palm Springs personality Linda Gerard who sings and charms her way through the restaurant while calling numbers. You really have to experience it. Just a few other mentions, you can also rent scooters and take a tour of the city, they offer stone massages and botanical facials, you can get married in their Commune area, they have "grown up" sno-cones, and they have a clubhouse you can rent for any occasion (like just to have a taco bar). So all in all, I absolutely love this place and highly recommend it.

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