Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Ever since we started Someday Come Soon I have been looking at so many blogs, and getting a feel for what peope are into out there. I have taken notice that there are a lot of teen's blogging fashion, art, and everything cool. It makes sense to me for older people to blog because we have narrowed down our like's and dislikes, and we want everyone to know about them. These kids are so fashionable, and COOL.. needless to say I'm super jealous I was not a cooler teen. I have come across this blogger who is putting out a book called Rookie Yearbook One. She is also running Rookie Magazine; an online magazine for girls, talking about all the things we love: beauty, fashion, arts and culture but with a fresh perspective! It's very refreshing to see young people trying to have a voice in little cities, big cities and making an impact in the communities they love. Check this girl out ,she is awesome.
Tavi Gevinson

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